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Staples and pillars of the Command and Conquer and seaQuest communities. It's impossible to list them all, but if you're not on this list, and you think you should be, then drop us an email and yell at us for the travesty, and we'll see that it's ammended.


Major hub of the Command and Conquer community, covering C&C news, mod sites and more...

Run by C&C's venerable vet, "The Lion"; an old acquaintance of Jim's...
( How's the Humvee going? )

Our intollerable neighbours across the pond in New Zealand. Still a good source of news and affairs.

The Aptly named...

Any file ever released on the web for C&C; you'll probably find it here somewhere.

One of the longest running Tiberian Sun fan sites on the Internet.

Atlantis's homeport on the web, and gracious hosts of this site.


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