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July 18th, 2006 (Day 1)

in-game works in progress as of July 18th, 2006. So far most time has been given over to engine coding and testing. Getting the game to feel like its underwater is a challenge, and so far most of the work has yielded reasonably promising results! Torpedo and weapons fire has to be reflected correctly too - there is no red light underwater, which makes the whole concept of texturing and map lighting just that much more interesting... By this time next week we'll release a 'tech demo' publically which includes alot of these units textured, coded and in game so you can try it yourselves... (This is to coincide with university assessment)

Raptors leave trails...
UEO Battlecruiser
UEO Strike Cruiser
UEO Raptor fighter
Alliance fleet command
Alliance fighter base
UEO Hades defense installation
UEO Fleet Operations Center

These are examples of the high-resolution models as built in Maya. At a later date, these will be used in conjunction with many CG sets to produce an intro film and possibly briefings for single player missions. On average, each model is about 10 times the polygons of their in-game counterpart. Sometimes higher. (The Raptor fighter in game is about 1500 polygons. The high-quality CGI model is closer to 40,000 polygons)

Dark Angels Raptors sit in a Hangar
Alliance Broadsword class Subfighter
Another of the Broadsword, noticeably wearing Australian markings.
The Alliance flagship, Adraeleus
Scene from WIP CG intro...
The reason we do this...
Dark Angels Charge!
UEO Bomber next to the Raptor
Another CG set, this time the bridge of the Atlantis...

There is lots more where this came from...


Copyright 2006 "Technically Insane" Productions. Alias Maya 7.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS2 used under educational lisence of Charles Sturt Univesity
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