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About "Atlantis: Tides of War..."

Atlantis: Tides of War began as a series of stories (which are ongoing) continuing the tale of the Deep Submergence Submarine Atlantis DSV in the year 2041 in a war that is being waged beneath the surface of the world's oceans amongst the sub-surface colonies and cities of the world. It branched out in to a total conversion aiming to bring life to that story on a level not previously considered by the writers of Atlantis. The mod began as a project in the subject of Multimedia at Charles Sturt University in Australia, and will likely expand beyond the due date of that project in to an extension of the webseries Atlantis DSV.

The Story thus far...

In the year 2010, the third world war came to a close leaving the Earth in ruin. In turmoil in the wake of the UN's collapse, tensions ran high around the globe. In response to this, the major powers banded together under the flag of the United Earth Oceans Organization - a new UN, with the power to enforce laws of the sea, peacekeeping, and international treaties. Armed with a sizeable independant military supported by its member states, the UEO was a nation in itself, and had the power, will and means to keep a fragile peace. Even former allies such as the United States and Britain were weary of each other as they rushed to establish colonies across the world's oceans, and the UEO was the force that kept the world from falling in to another cataclysmic war.

Many years have passed since the founding days of the UEO. The year is now 2041, and the United Earth Oceans (UEO) military has suffered its worst defeat to date in a six-month-old conflict against the Macronesian Alliance - a new superpower made from Pacific nations who gained substantial wealth in the early oceanic colonization of the 21st century. The world is a very different place; the very shape of entire continents having been reformed from weaponry born of an age where the world's major economic interests exist almost solely beneath the waves. The UEO's fortress headquarters in Peal Harbor has fallen after the largest naval battle since Trafalgar, and Alliance troops control most of the Pacific. Outgunned, the UEO is fighting a losing battle against overwhelming odds - no longer fighting for peace, the UEO Navy is fighting a war for survival. With most colonies lying at depths beneath the world's oceans of up to several miles, they are well outside the striking range of the US Navy's carrier battlegroups and airforces, and the advent of submarine fighters, sub-carriers, cruisers and torpedo-intercept systems, the world's surface navies have become largely redundant. The UEO Subfighter Corps - an elite force of pilots once thousands strong - is suffering grievous blows from Macronesia's overwhelming numbers, often fighting fast, underwater dogfights at speeds of over 200 knots at odds of nearly 6 to 1.

There are those who manage to resist Macronesia's strength, but they are few in number, and their names now appear as living legends. A few elite fighter squadrons have come to be known as death-dealing ghosts within the Alliance, and as heroes for the UEO, while the two massive UEO Deep Submergence Vehicles -Atlantis and Aquarius - stand as the last symbols of UEO power, and represent the only force in the fleet that can still resist the Alliance's iron grip on the war-torn Pacific.

The battlefields of the year 2041 are cold, dark and murky... And beneath the surface, the future will be decided - whether you choose to destroy it or defend it, is entirely up to you.


Copyright 2006 "Technically Insane" Productions. Alias Maya 7.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS2 used under educational lisence of Charles Sturt Univesity
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